About Mcadero

We are a professional breast pump brand
Love brings details to the design, which also reflects love.
Love's detail 1: why we chose the electric breast pump?
To free the mother's hands. The meaning of breast pump for mothers is to make them more relaxed. The electric breast pump is obviously the most relaxing product for mothers. Not only does it free up your hands, it also sets up a variety of scientific mode programs that are better for moms.

Love's details 2: What changes have we tried to make?
The details of the breast pump's battery and accessories. Sometimes, subtle changes can make a huge impact. For example, batteries that distinguish them from ordinary appliances; more subtle accessories.
What designers love to do is to hold the product and praise it loudly. Its merits are like treasures, sung reverently by the designer. At this point, her colleagues all smile and look at her. I guess a breast pump bathed in such loving compliments is our unique charm!