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Mcadero M1 Wearable Breast Pump All-in-one Easy to assemble

Mcadero M1 Wearable Breast Pump All-in-one Easy to assemble

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  • 💕 [Comfortable breast pumping] mcadero M1 breast pump is a perfect teardrop design, small, convenient and more concealed, ergonomic technology, more closely fits the mom's breasts, allowing the mother to enjoy SPA-grade breast pumping in all aspects.
  • 💕 [Efficient breast pumping] Unique double groove diaphragm design, double suction force is stronger and more stable, the fastest milk suction speed, get more milk in a short time, to achieve efficient breast pumping. Anti-backflow design to prevent milk leakage and ensure hygiene.
  • 💕 [Painless breast pumping] 4 modes (express, auto, massage, lactation), 12 levels adjustment, levels subdivision, different modes and levels work at different frequencies, moms can choose the most comfortable modes and levels according to their needs. With memory function, always according to the mother first set the mode and levels to start, customized for the mom's favorite.
  • 💕 [Less accessories] All parts are easy to disassemble and clean, quick installation, low noise, only about 45db, will not affect the baby's rest, so that the moms breastfeeding peace of mind at the same time give the baby a quality sleep.
  • 💕 [Fashionable integrated design breast pump] Bautiful and convenient, whether driving, or work, travel, moms can breastfeed anytime and anywhere, giving moms a carefree breastfeeding experience. It is made of food-grade silicone BPA-FREE material, which takes care of mom and baby's health, and provides mom and baby with high quality, effective and safe breastfeeding help. Now, choose mcadero M1 breast pump as your best breastfeeding partner.
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How many ounces of milk does it hold up to when pumping?

The collection cup capacity can hold up is about 6 ounces when pumping.

Does it sound loud when it is working?

No, It is quieter than more breast pumps.

If I have issues with the touchscreen not working properly how do I just get them

Reach out to customer service they replaced it when it stopped working