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Mcadero M5 Wearable Breast Pump

Mcadero M5 Wearable Breast Pump

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  • 💕 [Portable and Convenience] No cord,no wardrobe change,no fuss,worn inside your bra,mom can move freely, whether at home, work, or travel. pump anytime,anywhere.mcadero M5 breast pump wherever life takes you.
  • 💕 [Powerful Suction] 4 modes (express, auto, massage, lactation) and 12 levels, it is easier for mothers to find the mode and levels that suits their comfortable breast pumping.Close to the baby's sucking frequency, stimulating breast milk secretion, allowing moms to suck more quickly, efficiently and comfortably.
  • 💕 [Easy to Use] Rechargeable with USB-C, fully charged mom can use 5-6sessions, longest battery life, all accessories easy to clean assembly, BPA FREE, safe for baby, safe for mom.
  • 💕 [Memory function] Always starts with the mode and levels set for the first time by the mother, customized for her favorite. LED display and timing function, the mom can clearly see the mode and levels, the time of sucking, and the battery power on the display, making the operation more intuitive and convenient.
  • 💕 [Low noise and Anti-backflow] The Mcadero breast pump uses silent technology, the sound <45db, will not affect the baby's sleep, the moms can do anything, the solution to busy mom’s life. The perfect anti-backflow design prevents milk leakage and ensures hygiene.
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How many ounces of milk does it hold up to when pumping?

The collection cup capacity can hold up is about 6 ounces when pumping.

Does it sound loud when it is working?

No, It is quieter than more breast pumps.

If I have issues with the touchscreen not working properly how do I just get them

Reach out to customer service they replaced it when it stopped working